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BaySide Apartments

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Bayside Apartments – Website Design and Build

With the boom of Airbnb came an opening for many homeowners to put their home or a room in their home up for rent. Bayside Apartments saw this and took the opportunity to advertise some of their apartments on Airbnb and various other sites. In doing this they ran into a complication of managing their online bookings across all platforms and needed a property management system put in place. They also wanted to add a booking feature to their website so their guests could find them online and easily book right from the website.

For this project, I redesigned and developed a completely new website with an integrated booking system that syncs between all their booking platforms. It also keeps all their upcoming visitors on one calendar with notes, so that they are ready for when the next guests arrive.

Click on the image above to view the live site for yourself.


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